I'm Nassos Kappa,a Designer & Creative Director.

I help people shape brandsand design user experiences.

Feel free to ask for help or advice

About Nassos Kappa

Nassos is a design consultant with a focus on user experience and branding. He helps people and companies understand the value of design and fine-tune their processes to be more efficient.

He is always curious about new technologies, and how they can be used to help humans work better and come up with suitable solutions.


Developing ideas for unique innovative experiences, within teams, from Creative Strategy to Hands-on Execution and Production Management. Branding × Consulting × Information Architecture × UX/UI design across platforms & mediums, from client’s brief to the final pixel-perfect product.


Design Director & Co-founder ⟶ Tigerspike Next

Nassos Kappa is the Co-founder and Design Director of Tigerspike Next, a global team responsible for Tigerspike's brand & marketing while focusing on ‘exploring the future’. As the global brand owner, he is working with his team on the implementation & evolution of the Tigerspike brand, from group strategy and messaging to marketing campaigns. Focus points: Ownership of group brand & marketing. Delivering operational efficiencies. Increasing lead gen through partner channels. Capitalising on emerging technologies.

Head of Design & Co-founder ⟶ Brill (Coming Soon)

Investigating solution on the well-known problem of wasting time in digitising ideas, knowledge and workshop outcomes, a small team of future thinkers is creating a new app that will help professional digitize faster and work smarter.

Jury Member (Digital) ⟶ European Design Awards

Nassos shares his knowledge and experience on design with the European Design Awards team.


I’m focused and passioned about the great work we do in Tigerspike Next and launching a new little gem, Brill. Between these and being a husband and father the time is short; although I always enjoy a good challenge and I like helping people.

Feel free to ask for help or advice


With more than 17 years of experience, I had the privilege of working on projects for clients like:

United Nations
Emirates Airline
Louis Vuitton
Lloyds Bank
Thames Water

Athens International Airport
Alpha Bank

and for some amazing start-ups, both as individual or resident of agencies like TribalDDB, Upstream, OgilvyOne and Tigerspike.

Work portfolio

Most of my work is not available for public eyes.

If you want to see specific work example, please get in touch with me.

Personal Projects

(Digital Creative Solutions) An awarded creative digital design team. —
Soon revisited…

(Typography/Photography) An initiative of two (Panos and me), a collaborative photography project, with many respected creatives, based on greek street typography. The project is still live and oſten updated and was well covered by Greek media.


2016 — TEDxUniPi “Design Living”
2014 — 5th Behance Portfolio Review Athens “Narrate Your Work”
2013 — AllThingsFacebook Conference “Nothing Is Possible Until It’s On Facebook”
2012 — Cannes Lions Digital Com. Council Greece “Technology Bends Limits”
2011 — Digitized Digital Design Conference “Evolution in Digital Media Design”
2011 — Graphica Greek Graphic Design Exhibition “Web Design for touch devices”
2010 — Jelly Talk on Design “Design from Print to Web”
2008 — Design Panorama Graphic Design Conference “A web design history”

Honours & Awards

2016 — European Design Awards, Finalist on Information Websites
2013 — 
Greek Design Awards. 1 Award, 1 Merit
2012 — Ermis Awards. 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
2011 — Greek Design Awards. 1 Award, 1 Merit
2009 — Ermis Awards (Greek Ad awards). 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
2009 — Gold Young Cyber Lions (local). Represented Greece in Cannes.
— Shortlisted in Cannes. Toyota IQ local campaign.

Member of Design Juries

2016 — European Design Awards (Digital)
2015 — European Design Awards (Digital)  
2014 — 
European Design Awards (Digital)
2013 — IMC European Awards
2013 — European Design Awards (Digital)
2012 — European Design Awards
2012 — EVGE (Greek Design Awards)
2011 — European Design Awards
2010 — NYF Innovative Advertising Awards
2010 — European Design Awards
2009 — Ermis Web Awards
2009 — WebAwards

Proud of

Being a key initiator of a ‘social graphic design’ project with a massive number of designers participating with posters supporting and promoting social messages inspired by big riots happened in Greece (2008).

Taking part in “Crisis is a Greek Word” project (2014). A global initiative to describe Greece in the times of Crisis. The ongoing depression that affects more countries every day has inspired 48 top Greek Visual Communication Designers, with more than 1,240 international and national distinctions, to participate for the first time at a common exhibition, its sole aim being to convey a message of creativity to the World.

Being the first ever speaker of Digitized (Southeastern Europe’s most important annual meeting for the people working in and around the digital design scene), opening the first event in 2011.

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