Designer & Creative Director — Brand, Digital, UX

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae



Design Director & Global Head of Brand @ Tigerspike

I am the co-founder of Tigerspike Next, a global team that researches and delivers ‘what’s next’ for Tigerspike and its customers. Working as Design Director on the implementation & evolution of the Tigerspike brand, from group strategy and messaging to branding design. — Focus points: Ownership of group brand & marketing. Delivering operational efficiencies. Increasing lead gen through partner channels. Capitalising on emerging technologies.

Design Lead @

I work within a team of five who one day got sick of typing up post it notes (especially after workshops). So we decided to do something about it. Recently featured by Apple in 'New Apps We Love', Brill is a new productivity app combining computer vision and voice to digitise handwritten notes and get them, fast and easy, into people's platforms of choice, eg. Trello or Jira.



Personal Projects

Bitniks ⟶

A creative platform that aims to bring good people with amazing skills together to collaborate in designing and developing inspiring work, focusing in simplicity, reason, usability, the important details and aesthetics while caring about the human life and its environment.

Typogreek ⟶ 

A collaborative photography project based on greek street typography, initiated by Panos Papanagiotou and me and supported with many respected creatives from Greece. The project is still live and was well covered by media.


Select Highlights

2007 Shortlisted in Cannes. Toyota IQ local campaign.
2009 Gold Young Cyber Lions (local). Represented Greece in Cannes.
2009 Ermis Awards (Greek Ad awards). 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
2011 Greek Design Awards. 1 Award, 1 Merit
2012 Ermis Awards. 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
2013 Greek Design Awards. 1 Award, 1 Merit


Member of Design Juries

2019 European Design Awards (Digital)
2016 European Design Awards (Digital)
2014 European Design Awards (Digital)  
2013 IMC European Awards
2013 European Design Awards (Digital)
2012 European Design Awards
2012 EVGE (Greek Design Awards)  
2011 European Design Awards
2010 NYF Innovative Advertising Awards
2010 European Design Awards
2009 Ermis Web Awards
2009 WebAwards


Select Talks

2016 “Design Living”, TEDx UniPi — on YouTube
2014 “Narate Your Work”, 5th Behance Portfolio Review Athens
2013 “Nothing Is Possible Until It's On Facebook” , AllThingsFacebook
2012 “Technology Bends Limits”, Cannes Lions Digital
2011 “Evolution in Digital Media Design”, Digitized Conference
2011 “Web Design for touch devices”, Graphica Design Exhibition
2008 “A web design history”, Design Panorama Conference


Proud of

1. Being a key initiator of a social graphic design project with a massive number of designers participating with posters supporting and promoting social messages inspired by the big riots in Greece (2008).

2. Taking part in “Crisis is a Greek Word” project (2014). A global initiative to describe Greece in the times of Crisis. The ongoing depression that affects more countries every day has inspired 48 top Greek Visual Communication Designers (including: Beetroot, Designers United, Charis Tsevis, K2 design, Nomint, P6, Kanella, Chris Trivizas design, Dimitris Arvanitis, Polka dot, Sereal designers, Bob Studio, 2yolk etc.), with more than 1,240 international and national distinctions, to participate for the first time at a common exhibition, its sole aim being to convey a message of creativity to the World.

3. Being the first ever speaker of Digitized (Southeastern Europe’s most important annual meeting for the people working in and around the digital design scene), opening the first event in 2011.


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