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It's nice to work with talented people. It's amazing when they say wonderful things about me and my work.

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Was a great pleasure to work with Nassos, given the fact that he’s one of the most creative, open-minderd, hard-working and responsible persons I ever worked with.

Loucas Gatzoulis, CTO at Pureprofile

Nassos has a unique and valuable talent which makes him irresistible as a team member. He has passion for his work and his discipline, and this passion combined with awesome design skills, strategic awareness, and an ability to communicate ideas and bring the team and stakeholders along on the journey, makes him one of the best designers I have ever worked with. Nassos cares about the end user, cares about the business goals, cares about the technology, and delivers quality. Give him a good brief and he will deliver, give him a bad brief and he will work with you until the brief is good. He cares, owns, leads and delivers.

Kai K. Winnem

Nassos is one of the most experienced and inspired designers, famous in the greek market for his remarkable work. Dedicated and passionate for his job, he is a reliable partner worth working with. Thanks to his talent, his ‘out of the box’ ideas and his character, I am convinced that he has a bright future ahead.

Giorgos Vareloglou, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at REBORRN. Co-Founder of Mindworks (now isobar & iProspect Greece).

Nassos is a pure creative. He shares the highest level of fine aesthetics when it comes to design and can achieve very sophisticated yet timeless work. I have worked with Nassos on the various activities on my fashion startup, Netrobe and he had shown great work in the branding, mobile design front.
I would definitely recommend him on all aspects of web design, but most importantly for rebranding/creating a brand identity point of view.

Christina Plakopita, Founder & CEO of Apoella

Nassos is a rare breed, near extinct these days. In a land where cardboard-thin business managers rule supreme in collusion with socially inept tech-crazed geeks, Nassos dares to be humane, talented, sensitive, charming -and stunningly original to boot. He is a top-tier creative, harvesting the digital domain with dazzling ease and coming up with lateral solutions at times when all others choke. But really, the one thing that makes me give him full kudos is his unerring ability to make the team better – he listens before speaking, he is never judgmental, he brings awesome -and often unexpected- ideas to the table, never blows his cool at the face of adversity, encourages everyone to depart from their comfort zone and lightens the mood with his wry sense of humor.
Brilliant creative, amazing dude. So lucky to have worked with him.

Panos Papadopoulos, Regional Head of Strategic Planning at Ogilvy

Nobody can be the boss of Nassos’ free spirit. I call him “founding member” of the Tribal DDB ATH team, meaning more than just one of the first 4 people who initiated the business in this market.

Agathi Plota, Managing Director at Tribal Worldwide Athens

Nassos is a great mind to work with. He has a unique way of inspiring his colleagues and the great ability to discover and develop the appropriate creative patterns to boost every project performance to the top!

Tony Zagoraios, Motion Design Director, Founder of YETI

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