Nassos Kappa

Greek award-winning designer, currently living in London. Trying to make people and technology play nice.

Co-founder of ‘Tigerspike Next’, Tigerspike’s product innovation & research arm.
Co-founder of Bitniks, a digital creative and design collective.

With more that 16 years of experience in various fields of design, I had the privilege of working for organisations and companies like United Nations, Emirates AirlineIKEA, Channel 4, BP, Lloyds Bank, Bacardi, Dove, Vichy, Toyota, Nestle, Vodafone, Germanos, FAGE, Alpha Bank and for some amazing start-ups.

Currently, I’m a Design Director for innovation & research at Tigerspike, while regularly working in collaboration with studios and clients around the globe for new products.

Key initiator of a ‘social graphic design’ project with a massive number of designers participating with posters supporting and promoting social messages inspired by big riots happened in Greece (2008).

Participant in “Crisis is a Greek Word” project (2014). A global initiative to describe Greece in the times of Crisis. The ongoing depression that affects more countries everyday has inspired 48 top Greek Visual Communication Designers, with more than 1,240 international and national distinctions, to participate for the first time at a common exhibition, its sole aim being to convey a message of creativity to the World.

“Nassos is a rare breed, near extinct these days. In a land where cardboard-thin business managers rule supreme in collusion with socially inept tech-crazed geeks, Nassos dares to be humane, talented, sensitive, charming -and stunningly original to boot. He is a top-tier creative, harvesting the digital domain with dazzling ease and coming up with lateral solutions at times when all others choke.”

Panos Papadopoulos
Head of Strategic Planning at Publicis

“Nobody can be the boss of Nassos’ free spirit.  I call him ‘founding member’ of the TribalDDB Athens team, meaning more than just one of the first 4 people who initiated the business in this market.”

Agathi Plota
Managing Director at Tribal Worldwide Athens