Nice to see you here.


I’m a Londoner, coffee addict, trip-hop fan, books & magazines aficionado and dark rum lover.

For the past 20 years I’ve been working as a designer helping people make interfaces, magazines, brands and exhibitions. I love working with other people and I do client work through my design ensemble, Bitniks. Since 2014 I work as Design Director & Global head of Brand at Tigerspike . The past year I helped as Design Lead the kick-starting of Brill, recently awarded form Apple as New Apps We Love. I’m also member of the digital jury panel of the European Design Awards.

I love helping people and companies understand the value of design and fine-tune their processes to be more efficient. I am always curious about new technologies, and how they can be used to help humans work better and come up with suitable solutions.

Need any help? Got any questions? Get in touch.